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Corentin Hunter

Splilt Aspie

Author and illustrator

Self-published, 2020

A personal project, this collection of thirty-one black and white sprockets is a fresco of Asperger's Syndrome, this time from a non-scientific perspective, but poetic, human and endearing. This book traces the path both of my quest to raise awareness about autism and of my ambitions as a self-publisher.

ISBN 978-2-9818898-1-2
Black and white, 74 pages, 33 ill.



French version as Aspie Encré


Daniel Anctil

Fly Fly

Illustrated by Corentin Hunter

Midtown Press, 2015


One of my first contracts. Fly Fly is a prose poem about animals and birds from the Pacific coast to the Rocky Mountains. It is a soothing and peaceful tribute to the still wild world of the West, which allowed me, with a complicit challenge, to deepen my skills in color and realism.

ISBN 978-2-9812179-6-7
Hardcover, colors, 32 pages, 15 ill

Available in libraries

Available in French at Midtown Press

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